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Hurricane season hasn’t even officially started yet, but AccuWeather forecasters are already watching an area of concern for development in the Caribbean


As the 2024 hurricane season approaches, meteorologists closely monitor the Atlantic and Caribbean waters, which are currently at record-high temperatures. This unprecedented warmth, ranging between 2.5 to 4.5 degrees above average, significantly contributes to hurricane formation by providing the necessary energy to fuel storms. Despite these conditions, preseason storms have yet to occur due to inhibiting factors like high wind shear and dry air. However, forecasts predict the possibility of early-season storms forming around the end of next week. This article explores the dynamics of the 2024 hurricane season, expected impacts, and preparedness measures for coastal communities.

Record-Warm Waters: A Key Indicator

Unprecedented Sea Surface Temperatures

This year, Atlantic and Caribbean waters are experiencing record-high temperatures, raising concerns about the upcoming hurricane season. Sea surface temperatures between 2.5 and 4.5 degrees above average provide an exceptional amount of energy for storm development. Warm waters are a critical factor in the formation and intensification of hurricanes, fueling the storms with the necessary heat and moisture.

Impact of Warm Waters on Hurricane Formation

Warm waters contribute to hurricane development by:

  • Enhancing Evaporation: Increased sea surface temperatures lead to higher evaporation rates, supplying more moisture to the atmosphere, which is essential for storm formation.
  • Fueling Storm Intensity: The energy from warm waters helps to strengthen tropical systems, potentially leading to more intense hurricanes.
  • Extending Hurricane Season: Warmer waters can extend the duration of the hurricane season by providing favorable conditions for storm formation over a more extended period.

Factors Inhibiting Preseason Storms

High Wind Shear

Despite the record-warm waters, no preseason storms have formed due to high wind shear. Wind shear, the change in wind speed and direction with height can disrupt a storm’s organization. It can tear apart the structure of a developing storm, preventing it from becoming a well-organized system. This has been a crucial factor in inhibiting early storm formation this year.

Dry Air

Another inhibiting factor is dry air. Dry air can limit the moisture necessary for storm formation, preventing tropical systems from developing. The intrusion of dry air into the atmosphere can hinder the development of thunderstorms and disrupt the moisture supply needed for a storm to intensify.

Potential Early Season Storms

Favorable Conditions for Storm Formation

As the season progresses, there is an increasing likelihood of early-season storms forming around the end of next week. Regions such as Hispaniola, Jamaica, and the eastern parts of Cuba and the Bahamas could experience heavy rain and potential storm formation. The convergence of increased moisture and favorable atmospheric conditions in these areas enhances the chances of tropical storm development.

Key Areas at Risk

The following regions are identified as potential hotspots for early-season storms:

  • Hispaniola: Increased moisture and favorable conditions make Hispaniola a prime candidate for early storm formation.
  • Jamaica: The island’s proximity to warm waters and conducive atmospheric conditions heighten the risk.
  • Eastern Cuba and the Bahamas: These areas are also under close watch due to similar favorable conditions for storm development.

Above Average Season Expected

Forecasted Activity Levels

Meteorologists predict an above-average hurricane season with 20 to 25 named storms and 4 to 7 major hurricanes. This forecast significantly exceeds the historical average of 3 significant hurricanes per season, indicating a potentially very active and dangerous season. The prediction is based on several factors, including the current sea surface temperatures, atmospheric conditions, and historical data trends.

Historical Context

The forecasted numbers suggest a season that could rival or surpass the record-setting 2020 hurricane season, which saw a similar level of activity. An active hurricane season increases the likelihood of severe impacts on coastal communities, necessitating heightened preparedness and response measures.

US Impact

Coastal Areas at Risk

The United States, particularly its coastal regions, is expected to face significant impacts from the 2024 hurricane season. The forecast suggests 4 to 6 direct hits on the US mainland, with the following areas being most at risk:

  • Texas Coast: Vulnerable to powerful hurricanes due to its geographical location and extensive coastline.
  • Florida Panhandle and South Florida: Historically prone to frequent and intense storms.
  • The Carolinas: Often impacted by hurricanes traveling up the East Coast.

Potential Damage and Preparedness

The anticipated number of direct hits could lead to substantial damage, including property destruction, flooding, and disruption of essential services. Coastal communities need to implement robust preparedness measures to mitigate the potential impacts of these storms.

Preparing Coastal Communities

Emergency Planning

Coastal communities can take several measures to prepare for an above-average hurricane season, including:

  • Developing and Updating Emergency Plans: Ensure that plans include evacuation routes, communication strategies, and shelter locations.
  • Strengthening Buildings and Infrastructure: Reinforce structures to withstand high winds and flooding.
  • Stockpiling Supplies: Maintain adequate supplies of food, water, medications, and other essentials.

Community Education and Drills

Educating residents on hurricane preparedness, safety measures, and emergency contacts is vital. Conducting regular drills and simulations helps ensure readiness and improves response times during actual events.


The 2024 hurricane season is poised to be highly active, with record-warm waters and favorable conditions indicating an increased likelihood of early-season storms and an above-average number of named storms and major hurricanes. Coastal communities, particularly those in high-risk areas, must prioritize preparedness and resilience to mitigate the potential impacts of this potentially devastating season. By understanding the factors influencing hurricane formation and taking proactive measures, these communities can better protect themselves and reduce the risk of severe damage.

Date: May 31, 2024
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